Fashion trend: Would you wear this 'hairy' swimsuit?

By Pam Magwaza
15 June 2017

These 'hairy' swimsuits are trending right now!

Just when we thought we'd seen it all, a new style trend comes along to show us that fashion is indeed unpredictable!

An online store with more than 100 000 Instagram followers has introduced the "hairy chest swimsuit" and people are going nuts over it.

The one-piece swimsuit is worn by a female model and is a bizarre sight to see. According to the online store Beloved Shirts, the costume comes in all sizes and skin tones so you can get a hunky chest that's to your liking. The costume also comes with a hairy back and buttock area.

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One review on the site read, "My friend was so excited he put oil on it to rub it and the fabric stayed perfectly fine. Highly recommended."

The T-shirt company doesn't end the weirdness at hairy chests though; customers can also find a clean-shaven muscular chest swimsuit:


or a human anatomy swimsuit


or for when you love bikinis but are too shy to wear one:


Instagram users are big fans of the unusual prints, with many commenting,

"I found my new bathing suit!" and  "I need one of these for a photoshoot! ?"

Unfortunately, it's winter now but would you wear this swimsuit to a summer pool party? Let us know on our Facebook page

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