Father discovers children dead after receiving call from mother

By News24 Wire
22 May 2017

A double murder case has been opened.

 A seven-year-old boy and his two-year-old sister have been found dead in their mother’s home in Stinkwater, north of Pretoria, after their father received a call from their mother saying she had left for Limpopo.

Gauteng police spokesperson Captain Samuel Sebola said the children’s father had received a call from the woman on Sunday afternoon. She notified him that she was not home with the children and that she had left for Limpopo, then abruptly cut the call.

Earlier in the week, the man had received a call from the woman’s place of work, asking about her whereabouts as she had not been to work for three days.

He then decided to go to her home to see who was looking after the children, Sebola said.

Upon his arrival at the woman’s house in Mokone block just after 14:00, the man found that the gate was locked. He then went to the woman’s relatives who lived a few blocks away, to ask for the keys to enter her home.

He then tried to enter through the main entrance but failed, but gained entry through another door.

“When he got inside he found the children on the bed. They were under a blanket. When he tried to move them he realised they were not breathing and called the neighbors and asked for help.”

The whereabouts of the children’s mother is still unknown and all her cellphones were found inside the house. The main entrance had been blocked with a sofa.

There were no signs of any injuries on the children. Results from post-mortems would reveal what the cause of their deaths was, Sebola said.

Source: News24 Wire

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