Favourite beauty apps

By admin
15 July 2013

Spa therapist Kim Peters from The Wellness Warehouse shares her favourite apps with us

1 Professional Spa and Wellness Magazine

About: A monthly spa and health magazine aimed at the spa professional or enthusiast. Available for Android and Apple devices.

Expert says: It keeps me up to date with news and analysis that affects the health and beauty market, from holistic therapies to the latest in medical aesthetics, nail treatments to advances in laser hair removal.

Cost: FREE

2 Organic Skin Care

About: A range of valuable skin care tips and tricks. Available for Android.

Expert says: This application brings together all about skin care, products and makeup in one place. This app helps me with the following: natural skin care, personal skincare, tips and more.

Cost: FREE

3 Reflexology Music Radio

About: A radio station playing soothing and calming music perfect to use during reflexology sessions. Available for Apple.

Expert says: This application provides me with music that I could use in my holistic therapies; I find that most of my clients enjoy it as it gets them to a level of complete relaxation.

Cost: R8,84.

4 Beauty Tips 200+

About: Provides information on natural beauty tips for skin, hair, makeup and nail care. It also focuses on nutritional advice to help make you look more youthful. Available on Android.

Expert says: I find it helpful as many of my clients are always asking about nutrition tips that could benefit their skin in various ways.

Cost: FREE

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