Feast your eyes on the largest pizza slice you've ever seen

By Kim Abrahams
29 May 2017

The thought alone is enough to get your mouth drooling, isn’t it?

Imagine sinking your teeth into a warm, thick crust covered in a tangy sauce, tantalising meats and decked with stretchy, melted mozzarella cheese.

Every slice of pizza is a slice of heaven. But sadly, often our gluttony leaves us wanting more after we’ve taken that final bite.

Well, a couple has kinda solved that problem.

JP Lambaise and his wife Julia have created what could be the world’s largest slice of pizza.

pizza large 1

The couple, who run a YouTube channel called HellthyJunkFood, teamed up with Lazy Moon Pizzeria in Orlando, Florida, to create the gigantic slice of cheesy bliss.

pizza large 2

They shared a video, which documented the process, on their YouTube channel. The video racked up more than half a million views and had people drooling in the comment section.

While we probably won’t have the privilege of tucking into the calorie-packed pizza slice, there’s no harm in feasting our eyes on it.

Guilt-free pleasure at its best!

Sources: metro.co.uk, hellogiggles.com 

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