Felipe VI is crowned Spain's new king

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20 June 2014

Spain's new monarch, King Felipe, has been sworn in today after his father Juan Carlos ended his reign at the stroke of midnight.

Felipe VI has been sworn in as the new King of Spain.  The newly anointed monarch was officially proclaimed king after his father Juan Carlos ended his reign in a ceremony at Madrid's Royal Palace at midnight on Wednesday.

'He is very capable and I think he will be a good king'

The 46-year-old former Olympian took an oath of loyalty to Spain's constitution before giving an address to the Spanish parliament.

He said: "We have a great country. We should all be proud of being Spaniards."

Following the speech - in which he also called for "a renewed monarchy for new times" - Felipe VI, his wife Letizia and his daughters, Princess Leonor, eight, and Princess Sofia, seven, greeted crowds from the balcony of the Royal Palace with other members of the royal family.

His father Juan Carlos - who did not attend the ceremony - was tearful and emotional as he ended his reign Wednesday night.

The 76-year-old monarch arrived at the palace to a cannon fired salute and chants of, "Long live the King!" before he signed the act of parliament ending his reign and embraced his son the then future King Felipe VI.

Upon signing his abdication, Juan Carlos was applauded by his wife Queen Sofia, his son Felipe and daughter-in-law Princess Letizia.

While the ceremony took place, preparations were made to decorate the streets of Madrid for the swearing-in ceremony.

Flags and flowers covered the streets while a red canopy with the state coat of arms embroidered in gold was erected over the front doors of the lower house of parliament, which Felipe VI passed through.

Carlos Tesorero told Expatica.com: "There's a festive atmosphere. It's a party for this new king. "All the Spanish people have faith in him. He is very capable and I think he will be a good king."   - Bang Showbiz 

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