Festive joy for Pippie

By admin
20 December 2012

An extra-special Christmas for the Kruger family

Guess who’s the lucky girl who’s getting more than 50 teddies and loads of other presents for Christmas? Pippie, of course.

In her festive Christmas dress, three-year-old burn victim Pippie Kruger looks like a fairy princess lying on the couch and observing everything with alert sea-blue eyes.

She smiles and looks happy, and it’s hard to believe she has spent months fighting for her life, covered from head to toe in bandages after being burnt by firelighter gel on New Year’s Eve last year.

The freak accident was followed by months of surgery, skin grafts and extensive rehabilitation, but today there’s no sign of an injection or hospital bed.

Pippie’s mom, Anicè, dad Erwin and little brother Arno (15 months) can’t stop grinning. It’s almost Christmas and Pippie will be celebrating the special day with them.

Read more about the Krugers’ Christmas in Gloria Edwards’ article in YOU 27 December 2012.

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