First gay kiss on 7de Laan causes fan frenzy

03 March 2017

Many fans probably didn’t see it coming.

Viewers of the popular soap 7de Laan were abuzz after last night’s episode in which two men kissed each other – a first for the soap, which has been on air for 17 years. In last night’s episode Amorey (Kristen Raath) and Petro (Carla van der Merwe), two waitresses at Oppiekoffie, discovered that their shared crush, Logan (Simon Tuit), is gay. To their surprise Logan and Divan (Arnu de Villiers) shared a passionate kiss right there in the coffee shop.

And, if 7de Laan’s Facebook page is anything to go by, everyone has an opinion about this latest development.

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“Thank you, 7de Laan, for making viewers aware of what’s going on in the real world,” wrote Ramona Nicholas.

Ashley Kruger reckons, “Well done, 7de Laan! As a proudly married gay man this should have happened long ago!”

Engela Swart writes, “It was hilarious. I still wonder if it wasn’t staged to get Amorey and Petro off his back. Howled with laughter at the two women’s reactions.”

Although most of the reactions were positive, there were also those who criticized the move.

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“You asked for my opinion en so I’m giving it . . . REVOLTING! I’m more repulsed than I’ve ever been in my life.”

Adriaan Attie Engelbrecht reckons it won’t change any lives. “Ai, ai, ai. Now you’re amusing yourself with nonsense again. That kiss didn’t change anything in anyone’s life.”

Watch the episode here:

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