First human head transplant may be possible in two years

By admin
28 February 2015

Scientists believe they will soon be able to transplant a human head.

It sounds like a grisly scene from a horror movie but scientists believe they will soon manage to transplant a human head.

At a conference to be held later this year doctors will unveil a project aimed to transplant the first head in 2017.

The project is led by Italian Dr Sergio Canavero of the Turin Group for Advanced Modulation. He believes head transplants can help people with degenerative muscle diseases as well as cancer sufferers.

Dr Canavero, who started investigating the possibility of the launching this project in 2013, believes they have now eliminated the worst obstacles for this pioneering surgery, reports the New Scientist. It means they have to ensure that the spinal cord is connected with the new head and that it’s not rejected by the body’s immune system.

Dr Canavero plans to announce the project in June at the annual conference of the American Academy of neurological and Orthopaedic Surgeons in Annapolis, Maryland. He published the theory of how the operation can be successfully done this month.

After the operation the patient will be put in an induced coma for about four weeks while recovering. Dr Canavero believes when he regains consciousness he will have his own voice, be able to move around and have sensation in his face. Within a year he will be able to learn to walk.

According to Dr Canvero there have been several volunteers for a new body.

The first successful head transplant – where the head of one monkey was transplanted onto another – was done in 1970 at the Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, America. The monkey lived for nine days but its immune system rejected the head.


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