Fitness model mom-to-be stuns with her super-toned tum - at six months pregnant!

By Kim Abrahams
13 July 2017

“That’s not normal. Being pregnant without a belly? I just hope the baby is healthy," one critic commented.

We have all seen a heavily pregnant woman at least a few times in our life.

And if you’ve ever been privileged enough to carry life inside of you for nine months, you’d know all too well what it feels like as you near full-term.

Swollen feet, excessive weight gain and avoiding looking into the mirror because the only thing staring back at you is a human whale – these are only some of the things many women endure during their final trimester of pregnancy.

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But one fitness model is defying all pregnancy ‘norms’ with her super-toned bod.

Sarah Stage (33) is six months pregnant in the picture below!

The model, from Burbank in California, shared the snap on her Instagram page, along with the caption: “Good morning little baby”.

And as expected – pun intended – her followers were quick to point out the obvious.

“She is six months pregnant… I don’t even look like this now,” one user commented.

While another noted: “That’s not normal. Being pregnant without a belly? I just hope the baby is healthy. The baby should not be punished for having a mom that’s so selfish all she cares about is her figure. “


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But Sarah is unfazed, as she’s been down this road before.

The 33-year-old and hubby Kristopher are pregnant with their second child. The couple is proud parents to two-year-old James Hunter.

As with her current pregnancy, Sarah’s belly was barely visible during her nine months with James.

Just look at the brunette stunner 11 days before she was due to give birth:

Photo: Instagram Photo: Instagram

"I have a little bump, but this time I’m carrying a little bit differently. The doctor says the baby is a lot lower,” she told People.

"I’m super excited that James will be a brother and have somebody to play with! This pregnancy has been so different. Having a toddler and running after him, I’m definitely a lot more tired. But I’m not complaining, I’m so excited!"


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