Fitter children perhaps smarter

By admin
10 June 2014

Most moms realise exercise is good for their children’s health. Now new research shows physically fit children are perhaps better at grammar than their unfit friends.

Researchers in Chicago, America, have found fitter children’s brain’s react faster and stronger when they’re reading. This causes them to better understand what they’re reading. The study focused on brainwaves connected with word recognition and grammar.

“Our study shows that the brain function of higher-fit kids is different in the sense that they appear to be able to better allocate resources in the brain towards aspects of cognition [thinking] that support reading comprehension,” says chief researcher Charles Hullman, a professor of kinesiology and community health at the University of Illinois.

The researchers say more research is needed to investigate the connection between improved brain function and physical fitness in children.  “All we know is there is something different about higher- and lower-fit kids,” says Hullman.

“Now, whether that difference is caused by fitness or maybe some third variable that [affects] both fitness and language processing, we don't know yet.”

-Suzaan Hauman


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