Five continents in one day

By Marelize Potgieter
30 March 2014

Two men succeeded in visiting five continents in one day – well, one calendar day – and scooped a Guinness World Record in the process.

Gunnar Garfors of Norway and Adrian Butterworth of the UK completed the tough journey back in 2012, but Guinness approved it only last week.

The two began the journey in Istanbul in Turkey and completed it the same night in Caracas, Venezuela. They managed to go through Customs in five countries without being stopped and, although it took them 28 hours to finish the whole journey, they were still able to do it on the same date.

The itinerary started in Istanbul, which they counted as the continent of Asia. From there they flew to Casablanca in Africa before travelling to Paris in Europe. They then moved on to the Dominican Republic Punta Cana, which counted as North America, before flying to Caracas in Venezuela to set up their record.

They only ever used public transport.

Gunnar had already visited 174 countries before making the record-breaking journey, but in May 2013 he achieved one of his biggest goals by visiting 198 countries, which made him the youngest traveller to travel as a hobby.

According to him, that’s all the countries in the world, and this is how he explains it:

There are 193 member countries in the United Nations (UN), two UN observers – the Vatican and Palestine – and three additional countries recognised by the other countries, namely Kosovo, Western Sahara and Taiwan. That brings him to 198 countries.

Earlier this week he quipped on his blog he would have to celebrate the Guinness World Record with a Guinness.

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