Five things to watch this weekend

By Kirstin Buick
03 April 2014

Whether you like old-school action flicks, atmospheric dramas, amazing animation or intelligent comedy, there’s something for you on the small screen this weekend!


Hero Wanted 8.30 pm

Cuba Gooding Jr is hard as nails in this action flick about a guy who tries to impress a girl but wakes up in deep trouble: next to a dead woman! Also starring Ray Liotta, who seems to have been born to play either a mobster or a cop – in this movie it’s the latter.


The Croods

MNet Premiere (channel 103) 6.30 pm

This animated comedy follows the prehistoric Crood family as they leave the cave that has always shielded them from danger. The patriarch of the family isn’t happy about it but as they discover new places and make new friends, he realises the world isn’t such a scary place. Grown-ups will enjoy the clever dialogue.

On The Road

MNet Romance (channel 107) 10.15 pm

A young, struggling writer, shaken by the death of his father, goes on a road trip hoping to find inspiration. He befriends a charismatic, free-spirited man and his seductive wife and as they travel across the American southwest together, they make decisions that change the course of their lives. It’s a chance to see Kristen Stewart not play a twinkly vampire.



M-Net 8.05 pm

In the future – 2074 to be exact – mob bosses send their enemies back in time to be taken out by a hitman. Of course one of the hits doesn’t go according to plan. If you enjoy sci-fi and action, you’ll enjoy this flick starring Bruce Willis doing what he does best.

The Birdcage 10.20 pm

A flamboyant gay father has to pretend to be straight when he meets his son’s future in-laws. With Robin Williams playing the drag-club-owner father and Nathan Lane as his partner, you can expect to laugh your socks off. This is a classic.

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