Five things to watch this weekend

By admin
10 April 2014

Take a look at what life on tour is like for a global superstar – the movie of Katy Perry’s California Dreams tour shows it’s not as glamorous as you may think. Gear up for season four of Game of Thrones with an hour-long special on Friday, and catch some sweet romantic movies on Saturday and an action flick on Sunday night.


Katy Perry The Movie: Part of Me

MNet Showcase (channel 108) 7.45 pm

This documentary film follows singer Katy Perry on her California Dreams tour and while on the road travelling from city to city Katy tells the story of her rise to fame after breaking away from her strict religious upbringing. The movie reveals her fierce determination to succeed but also shows Katy at her most vulnerable.

Game of Thrones Special MNet 9.30 pm Season 4 starts next Friday and you can catch a preview of what’s to come in this hour-long behind-the-scenes look at the popular fantasy series.


Finding Neverland

SABC2 4 pm

If you’ve ever wondered how JM Barrie came up with the idea for his character Peter Pan, wonder no more. In this heartwarming movie, Johnny Depp stars as the children’s author who befriends four siblings who have no father, and ends up writing a story about kids who don’t want to grow up. Also starring Kate Winslet.

Feast Of Love SABC3 7.30 pm There’s a whole lot of love going around a small Oregon town when Cupid lets loose his arrows and people start falling in love left, right and centre. This drama was described by one critic as a “meditation on love” and stars Morgan Freeman, Radha Mitchell and Greg Kinnear.



M-Net 8.05 pm

Fans of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, pull up a chair! The muscleman plays a dad who offers to go undercover for the cops after his son is set up as a drug trafficker. Working as a snitch is a tricky business and he needs all his wits to survive.

- Wendy Stelzmann

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