Five ways to make extra pocket money

By admin
06 October 2014

Who doesn’t like a bit of extra cash to spend exactly how you want?

Here are a few simple, straightforward ways to fill your purse or piggybank:

-          If you like baking you could start a small business from home. Bake cupcakes or brownies, or perhaps even mini quiches. You could start small by selling it to friends, neighbours, aunts and grandparents, and asking them to spread the word.

-          Odd jobs – print little pamphlets offering your services such as dog walking, washing cars, mowing lawns, cleaning pools, baby-sitting, assisting with homework or something similar. Pop them into your neighbours’ postboxes and stick a few up around your local café or grocery store. Then stay true to your word and provide the services you offered.

-          Become a waitron if you’re old enough. The hours are often long though, so make sure you can manage your workload at school.

-          If you find you excel at maths or biology why not get paid to help others! Offer extra lessons to your neighbours’ younger children.

-          Have a garage sale. Clean out your cupboards, find those toys you’ve outgrown and organise them in front of your house. You’re sure to make an easy buck.

-Megan Bursey

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