Five-year-old geography genius wows on Ellen Show

By Nadim Nyker
17 March 2017

This kid is too cute (and smart!) for his own good. Can you identify as many places as Nate?

Nate Seltzer is just five years old and he knows more about the world than most adults.

In a video posted by the Ellen Show's YouTube channel on Thursday, Nate wows the audience with his advanced knowledge of the world.

The confident kid identifies a number of countries -- wait for it -- just by the shape of their land mass.

He is even able to match a series of seemingly obscure flags to their corresponding countries.

"It is really fun!" he tells Ellen.

During his appearance on her show, Ellen surprised the youngster, who is from Stratford, Connecticut, after finding out that he wants to design cars.

She brought out a bright blue mini electric car decorated with flags and globes, which had Nate in raptures.

"Oh my goodness! This is great! This is awesome. Mommy has to see this!"

Can you identify as many places as Nate?

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