Five-year-old goes to school with vodka pouch in her lunch bag

By Pam Magwaza
27 March 2017

In what may be the biggest lunchbox fail of all time, a five-year-old ended up going to school with a raspberry-flavoured vodka pouch in her lunch bag.

The life of a mom can often be a difficult and stressful one — especially when you have a five-year-old to get ready for pre-school and lunches to plan and prep every day. You need to keep things interesting — and an Australian mom did just that, albeitunintentionally, when her five-year-old ended up going to school with a pouch of vodka.

PHOTO: Facebook PHOTO: Facebook

According to the mom's hilarious Facebook post, she was shocked when she got a call from her daughter's teachers who informed her that her daughter had a raspberry-flavoured vodka pouch in her lunchbox.  She then explained that while getting ready in the morning she'd told her daughter to take a juice pouch from the fridge and put it in her lunchbox and that the little girl must have taken the first juice-like pouch she came across.

In the Facebook post, she mentions that the teachers at the school were completely understanding of the mix-up.

"Thankfully, the school understood it was all an honest mistake and were able to laugh over the mix-up. I apologised for not sending enough for the teachers!”

The story went viral on social media with several moms saying they relate to the story because they'e made similar mix-ups with their tots:

Sources: Viral Thread, Facebook

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