Five-year-old plummets to his death after being swept into the air by giant kite

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18 March 2015

The terrifying moment when a little boy got entangled in an enormous kite, swept into the air then plunged to his death was caught on camera.

WARNING: Includes upsetting footage

The horror accident happened on Sunday morning in the city of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, when five-year-old Van Minh Dat’s legs became entwined with the kite.

The boy survived the horrific fall but succumbed to his injuries in hospital later.

Footage taken with a cellphone shows the moment terrified onlookers realised that the boy had been yanked into the air with the kite.

The footage then shows him plunging to the ground – but we decided to omit this part.

The child’s parents were said to be selling drinks to kite fans and the public in the Dong Dieu area of the Hoc Mon district.

Around 4 pm Dat was standing next to a huge red kite ready to be launched by the Saigon Kite Clu in preparation for a kite festival.

Nguoi Lao Dong newspaper reported that a group of people were launching the kite, which had an 18m wingspan, when Dat moved under the wing without anyone noticing.

The newspaper reports that as the kite became airborne stunned spectators rushed in to pull it to the ground but failed to save the boy.

Sources: The Mirror,, YouTube

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