Flower girl and ring bearer walk down the same aisle 17 years later

By Samantha Luiz
07 October 2015

If this isn't true love, we don't know what is.

If this isn't true love, we don't know what is.

Adrian and Brooke Franklin, from North Carolina, walked down the aisle for the second time and it was certainly different from their first.

Seventeen years ago, the two were the flower girl and ring bearer in their parents’ friend’s wedding. At the time, they were just five years old.

'He said I got on his nerves'

While Brooke admits she has always had a crush on Adrian, he initially couldn't stand her. "I didn't care too much for Brooke," he told TODAY.com. "I was shy and she was outgoing and rambunctious. When they told me I had to walk down the aisle with her, I wasn't about that." Brooke also recalled how her husband couldn't "stand me" when they were younger.

"He said I got on his nerves," she said.

"I’d try to play with him at school and at church and he just didn’t want much to do with me at all."

Luckily, that all changed as they grew older, eventually dating in high school. Seventeen years on, the pair walked down the aisle again at the same church.

The couple were surprised by the attention their love story has received.

“We are all in shock as to all the attention that this is getting,” Adrian told ABC News.

“There was a picture that my mom posted on Facebook and we’re glad that it’s good news going out and not bad.”

Sources: abcnews.go.com, today.com

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