Flying giant blade tears into man’s car on highway in terrifying freak accident

By Lindsay de Freitas
24 June 2015

A driver in Chongqing, China narrowly escaped death when a massive circular blade fell off the back of a truck and sliced into his car.

The cutting blade just missed the driver, Xiang, when it collided with the car bonnet, ripping through the engine.

While driving on the highway towards Chongqing, Xiang heard a loud crash. A truck loaded with industrial equipment had lost control, causing three or four cutting blades to fly onto the highway. Seconds later the giant blade rolled through bushes and appeared hurtling towards Xiang’s car. "I heard a 'bang' and then I saw all the white smoke in front of me. I almost lost control of my car,” said Xiang. Miraculously, the bouncing blade missed Xiang, wedging itself 50cm deep into the front of his car. The lucky driver escaped the freak accident with barely a scratch.

An officer at the scene told local media that the driver had been incredibly lucky to have survived and would have died or been injured had the blade hit the car at a different angle. According to a global study undertaken by The Lancet medical journal in 2013 road injuries are the third-leading cause of death in China, ahead of cancer.


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