Food to share Steak tasting

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21 June 2013

This is an affordable way to enjoy steak with guests.

How it works

Each couple brings two steaks of their choice (any cut except fillet). Prepare a fire with plenty of coals and cook 1-2 steaks so everyone at the table can have a taste. Slice the steaks into fingers and offer it around on a wooden board. Serve the steak fingers with a variety of sauces set out on the table in small bowls, a salad or two and a generous quantity of hot chips. Sit back and catch up with your friends over a glass of wine before cooking the next round of steaks and chips.

Steak choices

Sirloin, rump, T-bone, prime rib, rib-eye and porterhouse, about 250-300 g a person and 2,5-3 cm thick so the steak can be nicely browned on the outside and juicy inside. Steak that’s too thin tends to dry out during cooking. Ask friends to contribute a dish or two, set out the food on big platters and enjoy a sociable feast in the best bring-and-share tradition

How to cook a perfect steak

Ensure the meat is at room temperature so it will cook evenly and be tender. Score any fatty edges to prevent curling during cooking. Heat the braai grid and oil the meat, not the grid. The coals should be glowing hot because the steak has to be cooked fast: the more robust the cut the faster it should be cooked to sear it on the outside and seal in the juices. Put the grid 50 mm above the coals (raise the grid slightly for larger cuts such as porterhouse steak). Fan the coals continuously to maintain the high temperature. Sear the steak by cooking it at least 1 minute a side. Don’t turn it before a brown layer has formed on the outside or it will stick to the grid (the same applies if you’re cooking the steaks in a pan). Cook to the desired degree, using the table on the right as a guide. Use tongs, not a fork, to turn the meat; the fork will pierce the meat and cause the juices to run out. Baste the steak frequently with a braai sauce to keep it moist. Leave the meat to rest a few minutes before serving. This allows the juices to settle. Don’t leave it standing too long though. Time the preparation of the side dishes and sauces so everything is ready and you can tuck in when the steak is done.

Timing is Everything

Most people prefer their steak rare to medium rare. The choice is yours but remember welldone steak is out! Here’s a handy table – the figures given are the total cooking times.

BRAAI GUIDE2,5 cm             3 cm    4cm
Rare4-5 min5-6 min6-8 min
Rare to medium-rare5-5½ min7-8 min8-9 min
Medium6-7 min8-10 min9-11 min
Medium to well done 7-8 min10-11 min11-12 min

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