Footloose and fancy-free!

By admin
27 February 2014

Sorry girls, Jimmy Nevis may be single and ready to mingle but he says he won’t date a fan.

The Cape Town-based pop singer has been there, done that and would prefer not to repeat the experience, thank you very much. “It’s very weird when someone knows stuff about you,” Jimmy says. “When you find somebody special you want to be able to learn about them and share things with them. It’s nice when you get to be real with somebody.” The 21-year-old singer, who’s set to release his second album soon, let us in on what he’s looking for though. “I love confident women,” he told us. “I love women who are strong, independent and equal. She must be able to hold her own.”

His celeb crushes:

- US actress Jessica Biel – hotness!

- Local singer ChianoSky – she’s just gorgeous.

- US singer Erykah Badu is amazing.

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