For the first time ever – this adorable little boy is the face of Barbie

By admin
18 November 2015

The popular doll manufacturer, Barbie, has made history by using a boy as the face of its brand for the first time.

“Moschino Barbie is so fierce!” the blonde boy says in an advert for the limited range of Barbies made for the Moschino fashion house. He appears with two girls in the marketing video for the new Barbie doll.

The limited range of dolls sold out barely an hour after it was launched.

At the end of the advert Barbie’s cellphone rings and the boy hands it to her. In the video he also carefully drapes a small, black handbag over her arm.

Gender experts and the public have praised the fashion house and toy manufacturer Mattel for the decision to be more inclusive and not cling to traditional gender roles. Moschino’s creative chief responsible for Barbie’s outfits, Jeremy Scott, is a man.

Watch the video here:


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