Former air hostess spends thousands in a bid to become 'exotic Barbie'

By Nombulelo Manyana
18 April 2017

It's this German model's dream to look like an "exotic Barbie" – and she's spent over R 668 000 on surgery

to do it.

Martina Big now claims to have the biggest breasts in Europe, after a breast enlargement surgery to boost her bosom to a size 32S.

The 28-year-old also started getting tanning injections and using a sunbed to change her skin tone.

She told The Mirror that she loves her new look and plans on going even darker.

"I was not expecting to go so dark but it worked so well. I love it and I really want to push it to the extreme."

Martina began modifying her body in 2012 after her boyfriend, Michael, encouraged her to start modelling.

Initially, she had planned to have surgeries to enhance her bust and lips but she soon found herself addicted to changing her body in extreme ways.

She admits that her fans were initially irritated with her for changing her skin color, but now claims that they love it and are now encouraging her to go darker.

"I love the contrast of my bright blonde hair and my dark crispy brown skin. I love seeing the reactions of people. I can see their big eyes when I walk past and their shocked faces, thinking 'how is this possible?'."

At first she wanted to look like Pamela Anderson or Katie Price but says she realised that those women are not curvy enough. Now she wants to be a real-life Barbie, creating her "own extreme look".

She wrote on her Facebook page that although she was happy with her look and thankful for the support, she is not doing this to offend anyone or to become African.

"I do not want to compete with any other woman. I decided to change because I like dark skin very much. The transformation was in January, with an official doctor, in an official clinic. I have been informed before the procedure. Therefore, I know that it is nothing dangerous," she wrote.

Martina's friends have been surprised by her decision and she admitted that even the doctor who gave her the injections - who she will not name - did not recognise her.

"In the seventh week after the injections, I went back to see my doctor. I said 'hello', and he looked at me like 'huh, who is this in my waiting room?'"

Her biggest supporter, Micheal, has even had a course of tanning injections himself. He says he doesn't want to go as dark as her but he loves her new look and hopes she will make more changes to her body.

"It is a great feeling for me to have Martina by my side. I am the boyfriend of the woman with the largest breasts in Europe!"

Martina plans to have a butt-lift later this year and will continue with her tanning project. Her unique implants can also be further 'pumped up' by injecting saline.

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