Former child star recreates A-lister red carpet looks with random everyday items in Instagram series

By Litaletu Zidepa
20 May 2015

Wigs make out of pasta and hate-couture from hose pipes – this former TV star's creativity knows no bounds

While many will not remember his face from the classic fantasy series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the actor has reclaimed the spotlight (sort of) a decade later with his bizarre Instagram account. Tom Lenk, who played super villain Andrew Wells on the show, has an Instagram page dedicated to his improvised and often funny recreations of celebrities’ red carpet moments, simply using household items.

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The 39-year-old may have taken a break from acting, but he has definitely channelled his talent elsewhere. From wigs made out pasta to hate-couture made with hose pipes, his creative side seems to know no bounds.

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In a photo series he’s dubbed “Lenk Lewk For Less”, Tom has managed to recreate looks from the Olsen twins trademark boho chic gowns using blankets, and Vogue editor Anna Wintour’s Chanel Haute Couture gown with some strategically placed towels and a branch.

MORE HAUS OF LENK LEWKS FOR LESS. It's like Ross Dress for Less, but like way less. Hobo vs. Boho. You decide. @metmuseum #metgala2016 #olsentwins #lenklewkforless

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The funnyman had a ball with the 2016 Met, after which he recreated Zayn Malik’s metal arm sleeve (with a bit of tinfoil) and Katy Perry ‘do with duct tape.
His version of fashion-forward singer Solange Knowles’ David Laport Met Gala dress, which he whipped up with a bit of yellow tissue paper, was nothing short of a masterpiece.

GET THE LEWK FOR LESS AT HAUS OF LENK. @metmuseum #metgala2016 #davidlaport #FASHUNS #lenklewkforless

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But his best work may well be recreating Mariah Carey’s short black and gold ensemble using pantyhose and gold paper foil, finishing off the look with pink paper underneath his ‘Lewkboutin’ heels. “We nearly lost Mariah this week when her Louboutin went down,” he wrote. “Why pay full price for those red bottoms? A Lewkboutin by #LenkLewkForLess gets the job done. I mean don't get me wrong you're still gonna fall down. But the price tag will hurt less.”

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Sources: Buzzfeed, MailOnline, Instagram

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