Former Maddie investigator makes ANOTHER shocking claim about her disappearance

01 May 2017

Almost 10 years since she went missing, investigator Goncalo Amaral made his latest shocking claim during a television interview.

Goncalo, who was working as a member of the Portuguese police service at the time of Maddie’s disappearance, has even written a book about Maddie’s disappearance in which he alleges, amongst other things, that Kate and Gerry are the ones primarily responsible for the little girl’s disappearance.

He said in the interview that Maddie’s body was hidden in the coffin of a British woman and cremated.

He claims that a church at which Kate and Gerry played is the key to her final disappearance. Goncalo claims that three people went into the church on the night of Maddie’s disappearance. They had a box with them and a British woman was to be cremated. According to him the McCann’s had keys to the church.

On 3 May 2007 a family holiday in Praia da Luz, Portugal turned into a nightmare when British couple, Kate and Gerry McCann, ate dinner with friends at a resort restaurant close to where they were staying.

The three children – two-year-old twins and Madeleine – were left behind at the apartment without any adult supervision.

According to reports, one of the staff members at the resort called the parents at the restaurant because one of the children, probably Madeleine, had been crying for her father for more than an hour and 15 minutes.

This was nine days before Madeleine’s theatre referred to by the public as Maddie, third birthday.

At around 10.14 pm police were called to the resort – it was the start of what is possibly the largest manhunt in living memory.

After 10 years Maddie’s parents are still hopeful that the puzzle of her disappearance can be solved and that the cloud of suspicion hanging over them will lift.

Conspiracy theories relating to Maddie's mysterious disappearance pop up every now and then – that she was the victim of a paedophilia syndicate, that she’s been spotted as far afield as New Zealand and more recently Morocco, that her parents are responsible for her death and that they got rid of her body.

But Goncalo filed an appeal and on 19 April 2016 the case was pulled back. He can now once again sue the McCanns for defamation of character.

The various court cases between the couple and the outspoken investigator have already run into thousands of rands and those who follow the little girl’s disappearance with fascination are divided into two camps – those who believe Goncalo and those who believe that Kate and Gerry are powerless victims of their circumstances.

The hunt for Maddie has already cost as much as R190 million -- an amount which Kate has expressed her disappointment over.

Her husband, Gerry (48) thinks that people calling the large amount of money a waste, given that the investigation has yielded no results, is unfair.

In March 2017 a further R1,5 million was made available to extend the search for Maddie until September 2017.

Assistant Commissioner the British Metropolitan Police Service, Mark Rowley, said that police are not giving up hope just yet.

They have set up an investigative team who are looking at critical clues’ surrounding Maddie’s disappearance. He also revealed that at this stage there is no reason for them to begin an investigation into her parents.

Sources: The Sun. iTv. BBC

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