Forty-three socks found in dog’s stomach

By Petro-Anne Vlok
05 September 2014

A visit to the vet revealed that a three-year-old Great Dane in the US had about 43 socks in his stomach.

The Great Dane’s owners became concerned when their dog started retching and rushed him to the vet, where an X-ray revealed a stomach full of “a large quantity of foreign material”.

After more than two hours of surgery the vet, Dr Ashley Magee, removed 43 and a half socks from the Great Dane’s stomach.

The vets thought the indecent so rare that they entered it into an annual competition called They Ate WHAT?.

Unfortunately the Great Dane didn’t win. The first place winner in the competition, which is sponsored by the vet magazine Veterinary Practice News, was a frog that ate more than 30 small rocks from its cage.


-Petro-Anne Vlok

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