Four record-breaking spots to visit in SA!

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27 September 2013

Today is World Tourism Day! And to celebrate – we thought we’d share some record-breaking South African spots you might not have known about.

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The coldest place: Molteno district, Eastern Cape

The coldest temperature ever recorded at a weather station operated by the South African Weather Service was on a farm called Buffelsfontein in the Stormberg region of the Eastern Cape. On 28 June 1996, the mercury fell to an almost unbelievable -18.6 °C!

Buffelsfontein is between Molteno and Dordrecht. The mean annual temperature is 11.3 °C and the average annual minimum temperature is 2.8 °C.

The oldest post office: Post Office Tree, Mossel Bay, Western Cape

The story goes that some time in 1500, Portuguese navigator Pedro d’Ataide left a letter in a shoe hanging from a branch of this milkwood tree. The letter was found in 1501 by the commander of the third East India fleet, João De Nova, while on his way to India. Now that’s the definition of snail mail! The spot has become one of Mossel Bay’s favourite tourist attractions.

The windiest place: Cape Point, Western Cape

While PE is known for being the windy city, it isn’t the windiest place in South Africa. Cape Point is officially the windiest place. The annual average wind speed is 14.1 m/s with 42.1 per cent of the wind speeds greater than 8 m/s. But the strongest wind gust ever in South Africa occurred at Beaufort West (Western Cape) on 16 May 1984 and measured 186 km/h.

The oldest pub: The Pig and Whistle, Bathurst, Eastern Cape

Dating back to 1832, The Pig and Whistle is the oldest continuously licenced pub in South Africa.  It’s been providing hospitality to locals and travellers for more than 180 years. The family-run inn provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere with rich history and quaint charm.

So, time for a road trip, anyone?

-Faiza Mallick

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