Fringe frenzy

By admin
11 June 2013

Bring your hair bang up to date with a trendy blunt fringe


Choose a blunt fringe only if you straighten your hair often. Otherwise opt for a side fringe.


A heavy fringe cut from far back.


Opt for a straight fringe that’s cut slightly upwards towards the ends of your fringe.


Step 1 A fringe absorbs the oil from your forehead and can look greasy. Combat this with a spritz of dry shampoo.

Step 2 A mini styler is great for short hair or fringes. If you don’t have one use your normal straightener. Start at the top of the fringe and move down in a curve-like motion so your fringe isn’t overstraightened.

Step 3 Keep your fringe in place with hairspray. Step 4 Control flyaways and add shine by spraying a lightweight shineenhancing product on your brush and brushing it through your fringe. TOP TIPS

  • Most hairdressers will trim your fringe free of charge.
  • If you trim your own fringe de cautious. Remember hair is shorter when it’s dry; and it’s easier to fix a long fringe than one that’s too short.
  • Ask your hairdresser to cut your fringe about ½ cm shorter than the length you want – that way it will last longer.

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