Fruit omelette recipe

By admin
10 January 2016

Make a gorgeous fig, pear, bacon and cranberry cheese omelette - perfect for a breakfast or brunch!

You’ll need:

125 ml full cream milk

3 eggs

Salt & pepper

Bacon or ham

2 figs

1 pear

Cranberry-flavoured cheese

For the omelette, break the 3 eggs into a bowl and add the milk into the mixture. Stir with a fork until mixed in totally. Add salt and pepper. Add a tsp. of olive oil in a medium heat pan. When pan is warm, add the mixture to the pan and bake omelette to preference. For the filling, fry bacon in a pan until crispy and ready. Cut figs in half.Cut pear into small pieces. Add all the above fillings into the middle of your omelette. Add cheese on top of the filling. Fold the corners of the omelette in to form a square in the middle of the omelette. Use toothpicks to keep the omelette together.

Recipe done by: Your Little Blog

Recipe credit: Jaun Laubscher

Photography: Vörsprung Studio

Write-up: Your Little Blog

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