Fun Facts on A Great Big World

By admin
25 February 2014

A great big shout-out to these two guys who’ve bowled us over with their hit song, Say Something featuring Christina Aguilera

- The American duo are singers/songwriters Ian Axel and Chad Vaccarino.

- Before they formed the band Ian was a solo artist and Chad was his manager. Ian saw potential in a partnership with Chad, but Chad kept blowing him off. “I kind of forced my friendship on him. I stalked him and made him listen to my song ideas,” Ian says.

- They were both heartbroken when they wrote Say Something. “We found closure from these toxic relationships we had going on; it was our therapy and helped us get through it,” Chad says.

- The name of the band comes from one of their lyrics, “It’s a great big world, and there’s no need to cry” from the song Cheer Up.

- Chad is also an actor and appeared in the 2003 film Monster starring Charlize Theron. His voice is often used in TV and radio commercials.

- Ian started making music at the tender age of three. “I started playing by ear on my grandma’s piano and then later on I just made my own music.”


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