Fun Facts on Adelaide Kane

By admin
26 July 2014

We’re totes obsessed with this Aussie cutie who takes us back to France in the year 1557 as the Scottish queen Mary in historical TV series Reign.

- The 23-year-old, who first caught our eye in the TV series Teen Wolf, is named after the capital city of South Australia and her nicknames include Addy, AK and Ladybug.

- She’s a perfect fit for the role of Mary, Queen of Scots, as she’s actually half-Scottish. “That’s why I could totally relate to Mary when I read the pilot,” she says.

- If she were queen for a day, she would . . .  “Abolish gender discrimination, legalise gay marriage everywhere, promote environmental initiatives and improve public transport.” Impressive!

- She loves comics and partly based her performance as Mary on Wonder Woman – and no, that doesn’t mean fans can expect Mary to start flying anytime soon!

- She confesses to being a bit of a nerd and checks humour site every morning. When she was younger she read a lot and had trouble socialising.

-       Janine Nel


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