Fun Facts on Alex & Sierra

By admin
22 October 2014

These X Factor champs and real-life lovebirds have charmed their way into our hearts with their tracks Just Kids and Bumper Cars

- The 23-year-olds auditioned for American Idol’s 12th season before trying out for The X Factor where they became the first and only duo to win the American version of the show.

- They met at a beach in 2009 while Alex was playing the Jason Mraz’s song I’m Yours on his guitar in the back of his car. Their first date was on a romantic boat tour. Cute!

-They’re pescetarians, which means they eat only fish or other seafood but not the flesh of any other animal.

- Their full names are Alex Kinsey and Sierra Deaton.

- Sierra was a professional dancer for 11 years and earned three international titles for Irish dancing.

- Alex was a go-getter from a young age – he won a boy pageant called Little Master Edgewater when he was three years old.

- Word is Alex is planning to propose soon, but Sierra’s family is quite conservative. “My dad won’t allow that to happen without his permission,” she says.

- Their versions of the songs Say Something and Gravity both went to No 1 on iTunes in 2013, making them the first X Factor contestants to achieve this.

-       Janine Nel

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