Fun facts on Ansel Elgort

By admin
29 June 2014

This talented hottie is fast on his way to superstardom thanks to his leading man role in The Fault in Our Stars

- Ansel (20) cried when he read the book (on which the film is based) about two teens who find love in a cancer support group. He says he’s just as ‘‘quirky, weird and nerdy’’ as his character. Aw.

- He stars alongside current Hollywood It Girl Shailene Woodley – and it’s the second time they’ve paired up on-screen. He played her brother in Divergent and now plays her boyfriend in The Fault in Our Stars. ‘‘She’s one of the best actors right now, the fact they put me with her twice is a huge compliment to me,” he says.

- Thanks to his good looks, six-pack and height – he’s a whopping 1,93 m tall – he’s been compared to film legend James Dean! We bet his fans, the Anselites, agree!

- His whole family is in the arts. His dad, Arthur Elgort (73), is a fashion designer, his mom, Grethe Barrett Holby (66), an opera director, his older brother, Warren, a filmmaker and his older sister, Sophie, a photographer.

- Ansel is also a trained ballet dancer and he records club music under the name DJ Ansolo.

- He’s super secretive about his rumoured romance with his high school sweetheart, ballet dancer Violetta Komyshan. ‘‘It goes back to what Kate Winslet (his Divergent co-star) told me: ‘There’s a part of your life that needs to be your own.’ I don’t know why who I’m in love with needs to be public knowledge,” he says.


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