Fun Facts on Becky G

By Lara Atson
01 October 2014

We know you’ve been bopping along to her smash hit Shower all day. Meet rising star Becky G!

- The 17-year-old Mexican-American rapper’s real name is Rebecca Marie Gomez. She lives with her parents and three younger siblings in Lawndale, Los Angeles.

- She was discovered on YouTube in 2011 by Dr Luke, a well-known music producer who’s worked with the likes of Rihanna and Miley Cyrus.

- People love to hate her gap teeth but she’s totally embraced it, as have her fans (called the Beasters). “I’m so over it. I’m like, it’s me. I had braces when I was younger and it just came back. There’s no escaping the gap.”

- J Lo features in her music video Becky From The Block, a spin-off of the pop super star’s hit, Jenny From The Block. ‘‘I admire J Lo’s career because she’s a singer, dancer, actress and businesswoman. She does it all!’’

- Her most embarrassing moment on stage? “Once I performed a whole show with my zipper down!” Oops!

- She co-wrote and featured on Cher Lloyd’s single Oath and Cody Simpson’s track Wish U Were Here.

- She’s an ambassador for the cosmetic brand CoverGirl and would love to have a fashion line one day.

- Lara Atson


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