Fun Facts on Birdy

By admin
30 January 2014

She brought us her self-titled album with covers of hits such as Bon Iver’s Skinny Love, People Help the People and Young Blood. Now she’s back with an album of her own tracks – Fire Within. Bring on some Birdy!

- While we know the beautiful 17-year-old by her stage name, Birdy, her real name is Jasmine van den Bogaerde.

- Performing is in her blood – her mom is a professional concert pianist and all her family are into music and art, “so they understand my passion for it”.

- She hates sharks and loves Marmite and tea.

- Her favourite cartoon growing up was Tom & Jerry.

- The track No Angels is one of her faves on her new album. “It’s quite stripped back. It’s co-written by Ben Lovett from Mumford & Sons.”

- What advice would she give to someone interested in a musical career?Find your own style and stay close to people you love.”

Follow her on twitter: @OfficialBirdy


- Faiza Mallick

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