Fun Facts on Brenton Thwaites

By Kirstin Buick
03 October 2014

Hello, handsome! This Aussie hottie stars in the new futuristic drama The Giver in his first major leading role.

- Brenton (25) got his big break on the popular Australian soapie Home and Away, and has since appeared in several movies including Maleficent as Prince Philip.

- He’s a bookworm and once revealed in an interview that he skipped to the end of JK Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows before starting to read the book!

- He’s the arty type. “I enjoy so many different art forms; I don't just want to focus on acting. I love music and writing stories.”

PHOTO: Instagram PHOTO: Instagram

- He’s finding his budding acting career a little tough. “It’s very soul-jailing, you know? You don’t have time to play guitar or speak to friends and family. It’s very demanding.”

- But if he had to quit he reckons it wouldn’t go down too well. “People will probably punch me in the face. But I’m sure my family would still welcome me with open arms.”

- He’s inspired by Jim Carrey and the late Robin Williams. “Those actors really inspired us to be crazy and be theatrical.”

- He shrugs off the rumours he’s dating his co-star Taylor Swift. “It’s just crazy how the tiniest piece of information can get spread all across the world when the right name is involved.”

-       Kirstin Buick


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