Fun facts on Deadmau5

By admin
16 January 2014

Read up on the amazing DJ behind the giant mouse mask, Deadmau5.

- His real name is Joel Thomas Zimmerman and he hails from Canada.

- The vid for Professional Griefers is reportedly the most expensive electronic music video ever made. It was inspired by Deadmau5’s love of old-school video games.

- Growing up his parents sent him for piano lessons which he hated. “I got a lot of classical music pounded into my head. I was that little bad-ass kid that never listened to it.”

- He got his stage name after finding a dead mouse in his computer.

- He’s currently dating tattoo artist and reality TV star Kat Von D, who used to be engaged to Sandra Bullock’s ex, Jesse James.

- You won’t find him on the dance floor. “Being in the middle of an 80 000 person crowd is my idea of hell. I like to watch people have a good time.”


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