Fun facts on Emblem3

By admin
02 February 2014

The hot trio who earned fourth place in the The X Factor USA bowled us over with their amazing voices and skater-boy charm.

- Emblem3 is an American reggae/pop rock band that formed in Sequim, Washington, in 2007. They later moved to Huntington Beach, California, to pursue their musical careers.

- The band consists of Drew Chadwick (21), Wesley Stromberg (20) and his 17-year-old brother, Keaton Stromberg.

- Can you believe they’re all single? ‘‘It sucks!’’ Drew says. But there’s some good news – the hotties say they’ll definitely date fans.

- So what are their must-haves on tour? Wesley always has his journal; Keaton can’t live without his laptop which he uses to compose their beats and Drew has to have books and a guitar. And, of course, skateboards.

- They toured with Selena Gomez (21) last year and got to party with her on her tour bus. ‘‘She’s honestly really down to earth and she’s very cool,’’ Keaton says.

- The band was originally called American Scholars when they started out in sixth grade. ‘‘We’d hang out in [Wesley’s] basement, eat granola bars and write punk songs that were super-dark and emo and awesome,’’ Drew says. ‘‘We just played around the Seattle area, and we were super little dudes with long hair.’’

- They’re huge fans of British boyband One Direction.

- Keaton once quit the band! ‘‘I told them they sucked. I walked out two songs into it,’’ he says. We’re so glad he rejoined the band!

- The guys are all addicted to blogging site Tumblr. It helps them pass time when they’re on the road.


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