Fun facts on George Ezra

By Lara Atson
23 October 2014

Meet the 21-year-old Brit with the soulful voice behind the smash hit Budapest!

- He’s the son of teachers. His older sister, Jess, is also a muso and they sometimes tour together. “It’s nice to have someone who doesn’t believe the hype. She’ll still turn on me and tell me my breath stinks,” he says.

- He sang in cover bands while at school and made his stage debut at 13 “singing the female part of the song Teenage Dirtbag, wearing eyeliner and my sister’s skinny jeans”.

- He has A-list fans, one of them being One Republic frontman Ryan Tedder. “Budapest is effortless to listen to repeatedly and doesn’t sound like anything else.”

- George wrote most of his debut album, Wanted on Voyage, while touring Europe by train. “I wrote down everything I saw”. Funnily enough Budapest was inspired by one city he didn’t visit!

- If his house was burning down, he’d grab his guitar, a rucksack that “has most of my life in it” and a pair of pants.

- The strangest reaction he’s had while singing was when a few people fainted. “I was, like, ‘Maybe I was so bad they fainted!’ ” We think not.

-       Lara Atson


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