Fun facts on Hunter Hayes

By admin
27 January 2014

His new album is snapping up nominations and Taylor Swift is one of his No 1 fans – say hello to country music’s hottest newcomer!

- The 22-year-old started writing songs as a kid and his first tune is called Six Years Old. “It was a slow song about the hardships of being a six-year-old,” he says.

- He’s a collector. “I’m a big watch collector. I’ve got three Burberry watches because they make a lot of cool, weird bands.”

- He once signed a girl’s inhaler! “The girl came up to me at a meet and greet, and said, ‘Will you sign my inhaler? Because you take my breath away’.”

- Hunter was the opening act for Taylor Swift’s Speak Now tour and in September he was a surprise guest during the final stop of her Red Tour. After the show, Taylor tweeted: “Thank you to @HunterHayes for driving everyone CRAZY with I Want Crazy!! The crowd went INSANE for him and I loved every minute. #redtour”

- The young musician was a shy kid growing up and says he found his safe zone in music. “In writing music, I had my friend, the one thing that would never let me down.”

Follow him on Twitter: @HunterHayes

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- Faiza Mallick

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