Fun facts on Jason Derülo

By admin
21 January 2014

We are totes about with JASON DERÜLO’s smokin’ hot single Talk Dirty!

- Jason (24) He describes his girlfriend, singer Jordin Sparks, as “his backbone” and says they’re really good at choosing clothes for each other. “I feel like we’re each other’s stylists.”

- In 2012 he spent seven months in a neck brace after fracturing his neck while rehearsing for his world tour. He says the whole experience “made him a better man” and brought him closer to God, his family and Jordin.

- He rates Transformers hottie Megan Fox as his celebrity crush.

- Women’s fashion trends sometimes confuse him. “Big shirts that come down like a dress but don’t cover the body. It’s like a pyjama shirt – with the leggings. That’s kind of weird to me.”

- He’s keen to get into acting one day. “For now I'm focused on music, but I’d love to do an action (film) or drama given the right opportunity.”

- If he could trade places with anyone in the world for a day he’d choose Oprah. “I’d go meet the Queen of England and be like, ‘Hey, what you doing today?’”.


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