Fun Facts on Jimmy Nevis

By Kirstin Buick
26 January 2014

Jimmy Nevis blew R&B fans away with his smash hits Heartboxing and Balloon. Here’s more on the sexy singer.

- His debut album, Subliminal, which came out late last year, was so in demand it exceeded his record company’s expectations by almost 100:1!

- He’s sexy and smart. Jimmy is studying journalism and sociology at the University of Cape Town. “It’s fun to analyse and explore an objective approach to human nature,” he says about sociology.

- Jimmy has big plans for his upcoming 21st birthday. “We plan to party around the country. I’m doing different events in my church and community, with my family and with the fans.”

- He likes his girls spunky! “The first thing that attracts me is how she wears her confidence.”

- The singer is charity-minded and over the past year has helped raise funds for the rhinos, been involved with blanket drives, supported a home for abused women and “done a benefit for a gentleman who needed help with his medical bills”.

- In five years’ time he sees himself as “a successful music artist with a BA honours degree and hopefully on a world tour”.

Follow him on Twitter: @JimmyNevis

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