Fun Facts on Matthew Mole

By admin
08 May 2014

Last year he became the first South African to top iTunes with his debut album – and now he's done it again, reaching No 1 with his new double disc, The Home We Built (Deluxe Edition)!

- He describes his sound as “folk music with an electronic backbone. I've always loved both genres so I try to combine the two”.

- The 22-year-old Capetonian, who earned an MK Awards nomination recently in the Newcomer category, is heading off to Los Angeles soon to take part in a music expo.

- What music means to him . . . “I'm not the best at speaking, but through music it's natural. It takes up a lot of my time, it drives me; it makes me who I am.”

- His influences? “I have so many – rangingfrom the people everyone's heard of like Mumford & Sons, to people like Gold Panda.”

- If his house was burning down, what would he save? “Probably my ukulele and basketball.”

- This cutie is single and looking for “someone that will get my lame jokes”. We can do that!

- His biggest vice is laziness but says that's about to change. “I joined the gym last month and I've been going running quite often!”

- If he could change anything about his physical appearance it would it be . . . “I don't know, maybe get a haircut more frequently. But that's actually possible.”

Follow Matthew on or Twitter @MatthewJMole

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