Fun Facts on Miguel

By admin
25 January 2014

US R&B singer/songwriter Miguel is hot property thanks to his award-winning single Adorn and the smash hit Beautiful with Mariah Carey

The singer, who earned a Grammy for best R&B song this year for Adorn, wanted to be a dancer when he was five but by 14 he was recording his own songs.

Mariah may be often called a diva but Miguel has nothing but respect for her. “She was really behind the vision of Beautiful being a duet between her and me. The video went with all of that. She’s a mastermind,” he says.

This hottie wasn’t allowed to date as a teen. “My mom was really protective and very spiritual, very religious so her perspective was if you’re going to date you should marry her. I don’t think she’s wrong for that at all.”

He’s dated actress/model Nazanin Mandi – who appears in his music vid Do You – for seven years.

When he has writer’s block, he takes walks or plays videogames. Modern Warfare is his fave game.

The weirdest gift he’s ever received was a stuffed pig with the words “Sure thing” emblazoned on it!

Wolverine is his favourite superhero.

Monica (from The Boy is Mine fame) is his celeb crush.

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