Fun Facts on Nina Nesbitt

By Lara Atson
09 May 2014

Are you also singing along to the super-catchy Selfies? Say hi to the 19-year-old Scottish songstress behind the song – Nina Nesbitt!

- She was discovered by British singer Ed Sheeran at the age of 16 ? she played him a song on her guitar, and he loved it so much he took her along on his European tour (she also stars in his music video for his track Drunk).

- She’s super-talented and plays guitar, flute and piano.

- Selfies is about “How when people feel a bit low, they often take pictures of themselves looking happy or doing cool things and post them online. Social networks have made it easy for us to express ourselves, but also to live our lives through a kind of ‘fake reality’. We only put online what we want to show.”

- An only child, she grew up in Edinburgh in a non-musical family. Her mother is a social worker and her dad is a manager in the defence industry.

- She was a teen model and is fiercely independent. “I could never be in a band. I’m very independent. I like writing on my own.”

- She was named Most Stylish Musician at the Scottish Style Awards. “I think it is important to have a strong image, but I think it’s important to be yourself too. What I wear on stage is what I’d wear during the day to go to the shops or whatever. I think it is just a bit more believable for fans.”

- She tries to set a good example for her fans, the Nesbians. “I’ve had young girls tweet me saying I’m an inspiration and a role model and that’s a really sweet thing to hear.”


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