Fun Facts on Sarah Hyland

By admin
26 January 2014

She’s best known as Haley Dunphy, the boy-crazy, text-addicted eldest kid in the Dunphy clan on the hit TV show Modern Family. In real life though 23-year-old Sarah Hyland is all grown up.

- She says in some ways she can relate to her character, who goes to college in the latest season. “She’s super psyched about it, and then she realises she’s alone and misses her family. I can relate because I moved to California on my own. But I don’t relate to Haley on a lot of other levels!”

- Hey, shortie! Sarah is 1,57 m tall – five centimetres shorter than co-star Ariel Winter (15), who plays her younger sis, Alex.

- Sarah underwent a kidney transplant last year after suffering from kidney dysplasia – malformation of the kidney during fetal development. Her dad, Edward, donated his kidney.

- Show business runs in the family! Sarah’s dad and younger brother, Ian, are both actors and her mom, Melissa Canaday, is an acting coach.

- She calls Ty Burrell (her dad on Modern Family) “my TV dad”. “He’s an amazing, talented person. He’s just as funny in real life as he is on Modern Family.”

- She’d rather watch sport than go shopping. “Shopping stresses me out. I’m drawn to expensive things, but I don’t want to pay $200 [R1 800] for a shirt. I don’t like to spend money.”

- Sex symbol? No thanks, she’d rather be a role model. “By putting yourself out there as a sex symbol, you’re taking a step backward for women.”

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- Lara Atson

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