Fun Facts on The Vamps

By Mieke Vlok
05 May 2014

Move over One Direction, there’s a brand-new boy band in town. Meet British pop rockers The Vamps!

- The band was almost entirely formed via social media. Guitarist James McVey (19) found vocalist Brad Simpson (18) on YouTube. They then met drummer Tristan Evans (19) via Facebook and Connor Ball (17), the bass player, through a mutual pal.

- Their latest single, Last Night, follows the hits Can We Dance and Wild Heart. All three tracks are featured on their debut album Meet The Vamps.

- Frontman Brad says Last Night is about “having fun and having a party”. They’re performing it live in London this month to raise money for cancer research.

- James credits his “girl” as a big supporter of his music career. She’s in fact his cat Fizgig, who even has her own Twitter page with over 900 followers.

- The lads insist they’re single, and they’re loving the attention they get from fans.

- Thanks to his curly locks, Brad is often compared to One Direction’s Harry Styles – something he says he’s “getting bored with”. “But to be honest, there are worse people I could be getting compared to.”

- James is a fitness nut and often shares pics on Instagram of his six-pack.

- They once supported Selena Gomez. “She invited us onto her bus and we had a chat with her. She’s lovely, a really down-to-earth girl and very attractive,” Brad says.


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