Garden arts and crafts

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08 January 2014

Holiday activity: Make necklaces, crowns and other pieces of art from all the flowers, leaves, seeds,twigs and other wonderful things that can be found in your garden.

Flower garlands and wreaths of leaves vakansie gids 2 Flower garland You can use any garden flowers for this project but trumpet-shaped flowers work best. Thread the flowers by inserting one end of a piece of thin wire (such as florist’s wire) or a pipe cleaner through the calyx (the outer lower part which is usually green) and middle of each flower. Continue until the wire is covered with flowers and twist the ends of the wire together. Tip Let younger children use pipe cleaners instead of wire. Wreath of leaves  Thread thick leaves onto wire as for the floral garland. Bend and fit the wire according to the circumference of the child’s head. Twist the wire or pipe cleaner ends together. Tip Use leafy twigs to make the garland, tying them together with short pieces of wire or green pipe cleaners.

Spell it out

Paint twigs in bright colours and arrange them on your child’s bedroom wall to spell out his or her name. It’s also a lovely gift for the child’s best friend.

 Naam teen muur

Keep a flower journal

 Blomjoernaal Engels  OTHER OPTIONS FOR A FLOWER JOURNAL Children who love plants can keep flower journals with ideas about gardening, gardening tips, lessons learnt, a list of their favourite flowers, a gardening wish list of flowers they’d like to plant, photos, flower- and gardening-related poems, comments from friends about the garden, descriptions of visits to other gardens or dry seeds that can be planted next season. Super tip Make garden art projects an activity at a birthday party!

Source: You Play Summer 2012/13

Tina-Marié Malherbe

Production: Marianne Burke

Main picture:  Peet Mocke

Models: Georgia and Zoey of Infinity

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