Gareth Cliff reveals his Idols salary in court papers

By Kirstin Buick
19 January 2016

Listening to off-key singers warble their way through another rendition of Killing Me Softly does not come without its perks, it seems.

Former Idols judge Gareth Cliff earned a package fee of R356 160 to judge 10 sessions of the reality TV show, it has emerged in court papers. As such, Gareth earns R35 000 per appearance.

This according to papers filed today in the Johannesburg High Court, obtained by The Juice.

The Cliff Central founder is taking M-Net to task for what he deems his unfair dismissal from the show, suing the broadcaster for R5 million for defamation and R20 million for breach of contract.

Gareth was sacked after weighing in on the Penny Sparrow race debacle on social media, implying that the estate agent’s rant about Durban beach-goers constituted free speech.

"I am not a racist and neither do I in any way support or endorse the racist views of Sparrow and her travelers," Gareth explains in his affidavit filed against M-Net.

"As a person who has long been committed to non-racialism, nation-building and our constitutional democracy, I found the views expressed by Sparrow to be objectionable, disgusting and idiotic. I was deeply offended thereby."

"As an ardent believer of free speech, I was however also of the view that Sparrow had a right to express her objectionable views."

While Gareth himself has kept mum, his manager Rina Broomberg told YOU, “We don’t have any further comment, it’s in the hands of our legal team.”

Sources: The Juice, Times Live

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