Gareth hits back at Comedy Central

By Kirstin Buick
26 June 2014

Apparently no-one watches Comedy Central -- according to Gareth Cliff at least.

This was Gareth's response via Twitter to questions about why the show was being cut from the channel's line-up, just a month and a half after it first aired.


Viacom International Media Networks Africa (VIMN Africa) which runs Comedy Central, confirmed that the show would be cut at the end of June, after just 42 episodes. This after the broadcast was moved to an earlier timeslot from 07.35 am to 06.00 am at the beginning of the month in a bid to draw more viewers.

"Creatively we felt the show was a success, and was simultaneously Comedy Central Africa’s first live show, our first localized topical news show on the African continent and our first formal venture with Gareth Cliff," VIMN's Alison told YOU.  "Unfortunately, despite tinkering with the format and the timeslot, it didn’t quite achieve the ratings we were expecting and so we have decided to take the show off air."

The Gareth Cliff show will still be broadcast on and WeChat.

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